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The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Ibn Mas’oud (RAA) narrated that while companions were sitting with the prophet (SAAW) a person approached and said: “O messenger of Allah, I travelled for more than nine nights, with little rest during the day, while being thirsty, and with little sleep to ask you about two [important] matters that kept me awake [thinking about them!]”

The prophet (SAAW) said: “What is your name?”

The man said: “Zaid, the horse guy.”

The prophet (SAAW) said: “Rather, you are the good guy. Ask, for I might answer the matter you questioned about.”

Zaid said: “I need to know two signs that mark a person being admired by God or not admired.”

The prophet (SAAW) said: “How did you feel waking up this morning?”

Zaid said: “I woke up loving good [deeds] and people who [act] on them. If I act on such good deeds, I know for sure that I shall be rewarded, and if I do not have the chance to act, I feel I miss it [longing to act on it].”

The prophet (SAAW) said: “This is the sign you came to ask about. If you did not love good deeds and longing to act on it, God would not have cared in which valley [while travelling] you would have died [in wastefulness].”[1]

For the past four and half years, we at the Prayer Center were going back and forth with village, county, state, EPA, zoning and WMRD regulations, submitting and resubmitting plans, documents, and reports to gain approval for our expansion project.  All the while, you as our beloved community have been responding to the call of good deeds to support our parking lot project through your generosity of much needed donations.

Now, after removing the trees, we have finally broken ground, and our project by the Will of Allah (SW) is set to be finished (weather permitting) by the end of this year, insha Allah.

Everything we have collected for this project has been kept in a restricted account waiting for the project to begin. And through your generous donations we have collected over two-thirds of the total amount to complete this project. But we are still in need of your support to collect the remaining one-third which is little less than half a million dollars.

As one of the great scholars, Ibn A’ta Al-Sakandari said: “If you want to know your post or place with God, look at where He (SW) stationed you.”  We see that all community members who donated before or will donate later, are placed in the best moment that makes them close to Allah for their generosity and good deeds.

Such moments and places with God will bring joyfulness to you for “true happiness is when you give” as Mustafa Al-Raf’ie said.

The money that you donate today will help us add 153 parking spots, open a new exit west on 104th Ave, another new exit on 167th St, and retain a 30,000 sq ft allocated area for a future project of a youth center, insha Allah.

This project will help us accommodate all those attending Friday prayers or Taraweeh prayers, and will also make entering and exiting our campus an easier and quicker flow for traffic. And it also gives hope for the future to build a recreational type center for our youth to enjoy their activities on site.

I am appealing to you today to make a donation as much as you can. Click below on the link and join the good that Allah (SW) has opened for you. May Allah (SW) reward you and your family, Ameen.

[1] Abu Na’iem

By Sh Kifah Mustapha


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