Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

The Prayer Center of Orland Park is honored to have a new employee added to our team, Sh. Haitham Alzamareeh. He was born and raised in Halhoul, Palestine, and attended the Islamic University in Medinah, Saudi Arabia where he completed his Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD in Islamic Sharia, School of Usool Al-Fiqh, rating top in his class. His credentials allowed him to stay in Medinah where he taught in the Islamic University and Taiba University. Sh. Haitham is a Hafiz of Al-Quran Al Kareem through the narration of Hafs from Shu’bah. He also spent time working on introducing Islamic Makhtootat or manuscripts while he was in college with many manuscripts indexed and introduced under his supervision.

Sh. Haitham and his family came to the United States three years ago to work in Philadelphia as an Assistant Professor for the Graduate Theological Foundation branch in Pennsylvania. He is joining the Prayer Center as an Imam and Academic Adviser for the new Islamic Studies program, our joint project with Universal School in Bridgeview, to establish a new college of Education, Arabic, and Islamic Studies.


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