Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

          Did you hear?

       Another one of us is dead…

And stripped away of our innocence

#Black Lives Matter is all you see

     Do you know why that is?

It is to get attention and build awareness in the world

 Do you know who the responsibility falls on?

  One with the powers of the so-called “LAW”

We live our lives in fear

We are not able to do simple tasks that a white person can

We get questioned based on the color of our skin

Did you know who I was?

My name was George Floyd

There are too many names that must be remembered

              It matters that our deaths be remembered

How did I threaten you to the point where you thought it was okay to take my life away?

What did I do to you at that moment that made you believe I deserved to suffer such agonizing pain

Did the color of my skin really terrify you?

Could you not hear me?

   As I cried the pain away…

As the loss of breath escaped my airway all I could say was “I cannot breathe”

Eventually, I lost consciousness

You knew exactly what you were doing

You wanted to kill me…

 As you saw my nose bleeding onto the concrete did you even think to stop?


How come it is my people who suffer?

Why have you not received the punishment you deserve?

Justice is what is needed to prove to all the ignorant people out there in this world that none of this is okay.


Did you stop to think that at that moment you were not only taking my life away

You were also taking me away from a family and people who loved me

You may never know because you never took the chance to know who I truly was

You have now created war.

How come African Americans are the ones to suffer

I am tired of seeing innocent people being stripped away from their lives

Arab, African American, Mexican, Asian, & anything that does not fit the western beauty & life standards seem to be unacceptable these days.

As citizens, we have the right to freedom, but this is not freedom at all

Freedom is not having the feeling of fear when you have just been stopped by a cop

Freedom is not getting shot or killed over the color of your skin

Freedom is not being discriminated for who or what you are

If this is America, I want no part of it

By Ayah Isa






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