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Resolving Family Conflicts

Causes of family conflicts include: not living up to one’s responsibility, unreasonable expectations, economic issues, and intimacy dissatisfaction. This article addresses conflicts in general and how they can be addressed

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Avoiding Family Conflicts

A caring and loving approach leads to harmony, trust and peace of mind. Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu alaihi wasallam), taught us to extend Salam to everybody with a smile. He

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Sunnah of Friday Shower

Abu Said Al Khudari (RAA) said: “I witnessed the prophet (PBUH) saying: “Showering on Friday is a must for everyone (who reached puberty) and to brush the teeth and to

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Rights & Responsibilities

Alhamdu Lillah, most Chicago Muslim families are among the affluent economically, educationally and In Sha Allah, religiously. I pray to HIM to put baraka (blessings) in what HE gives us.

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When people would ask me who my favorite superhero was, my mind would immediately go to Batman, rather than someone like Superman or Spider-Man. I’ve always liked the darkness he

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Our Big Family

Families are the building blocks of society. Solid blocks result in a better society. Families are happier and function properly when each member contributes to the betterment of the family.

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