Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

any Superman could save lives
but could a batman save mine
i follow shadows through dark nights
smile masks me; Joker, no Dark Knight
if they ask me i’m “alright”
Caped Crusader, Salahdin in the fight
but i’m flying so low never took flight
can’t see the sun, can’t see the light
can’t see God, but i could feel His might
praying my daily five, like we’re so tight
wish it didn’t feel wrong to do right
super anti-villain, now i’m the bad guy
wish i could say i mattered like black lives
but it doesn’t matter, another archive
now i trip like my shoes are untied
sometimes the ground feels closer than the sky
that i’m scared i’ll never see paradise
locked out like my access got denied
in debt to my sins now my card declined
tears burn like acid from my eyes
sad thoughts visit often, no surprise
broke down the door, moved into my mind
stolen land like Israel occupied
wanna free my mind like it’s Palestine
but my brain’s massacred like Columbine
killed all the kindness like a genocide
hourglass quicksand, burying my time
as i read under the word suicide
i mark the page, yellow highlight
i contemplate if i’m the type
i’m all the way at the end of the line
wondering if i’ll ever be fine

batman, batman, batman
you try hard to compromise
but conflict seizes your mind
now you’re losing your mind
batman, batman, batman
you wear the cape but cease to fly
Bat-Signal dims after it shines
Gotham lives before it dies

batman, batman, batman
when did you become the Badman
brought injustice to your own life
wanna give it up like a sacrifice
villains giving you a hard time
but killing them is a harsh crime
Harvey Denting morals makes a Two Faced lie
now you’re trying to draw the fine line
between being Bruce and being the Dark Knight
between being You and being the Bad Guy.

By Mariam Ramahi


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