Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

We live in fear of the unknown
But we chose not to fear what we know
And what we know has been written for us
Yet some still don’t want to trust
What was written. I don’t say this to be smitten, yet I am afraid that one day we will no longer have time to be sitting,
And have a talk with Allah about how we can change and become better people
We say it a lot so it sounds like a sequel and I don’t want to be repetitive but we are all equal,
In the eyes of Allah.
But of course that is not all!
We go out and live but we are not even living.
We’re in a world full of hatred and it’s hardly forgiving and what we find to be fun is sometimes sinning and we lose ourselves within but it’s only the beginning!
I always said I wouldn’t do things that I often find myself doing even though doing them goes against my better judgement and the reason I do them wasn’t meant to do any harm… yet I only harm myself in the end. When I see myself losing family and friends.
I force myself to stay quiet in hopes that my mind will not riot against me.
In today’s world life is harder than what it used to be.
Constantly having to protect yourself from your enemy.
The irony is that the enemy is no other than ourselves.
Life becomes a battle of dodging hell’s heat and unimaginable torture.
It is so easy to be forgiven by Allah, if we simply ask for closure.
The days start and end in what seems to be a blink of an eye
Before we know it, a whole year passes by
I really am not one to lie
But if we do not try, our world will continue to cry and we will continue to shy away from how high we should be going…but why?
Why do we allow ourselves to become weak
Why do we become scared to the point we can’t speak
Why do we sit in silence rather than shriek
When we realize the end is starting to peek
Stop hesitating
Stop patiently waiting
Stop thinking that you have more time
you’re never guaranteed tomorrow
It’s time to change rather than live in sorrow
Open your eyes and clear your beautiful mind
Remember to have courage and of course, always be kind.
We cry about little things and wish we could disappear
We sometimes even lose control over the life we steer
We become so alone and the only thing we are able to hear
Are the whispers of this world in the center of our ear.
You feel it.
You feel the connection fading away
You see this world for what it is, you don’t want to stay
This is the feeling you get when you become a stray
Stray away from the real reason we are here
Stray away from a friendly peer
Stray away from the book where life’s problems are answered
And you Stray away from Allah who doesn’t even need you…you need Him!
This is where it all begins
This is where you change and become better for the sake of Allah
You went through a tough time, but he got you through it all
He guided you to the mindset you are having right now
So the only thing left to do, is bow
Bow and follow where He has guided you
Bow even when you don’t know what to do
So run along, get back to Him
Stay strong and avoid sin
Go make a difference…are you ready to begin?

By Yasmeen Sheikah


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