Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Dear Lord,

The Most High, the All Great

The All Knowing, the All Seeing, the All Brave

The Lifegiver, the Caretaker, the All Praised

It’s me again, the boy created as Your slave.

I’m back-

And I just have a couple things on my chest

That I’d like to address, and who better to ask than You


I know that life is a test, and I should be blessed.

And I am

But sometimes I feel lost too


All I ask is to be put in the right path

The path happiness, health, wealth and success

And please Lord forgive me of my past.

And to take away all of my stress.


I make mistakes, but I mean, we all do

But again, that’s not an excuse.

Keep me close to Your heart and in Your remembrance, so when I mess up I come back to You.


Dear Lord, thank You for all my blessings, You give me what I need and more

Thank You for the thing I don’t realize, like my heartbeat, a mind and reason to live for


So, let me keep what I love, only if it’s good for me

And take it away if it’s bitter.

But if You take it away, all I ask is to replace it

Please replace it with something better.


Dear God, I don’t come to You cause there’s nowhere else to go

And I don’t come only when my lights darken.

I come to You cause You’re always the first to know

I come because You’re my only option.

By Hasan Hussein


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