Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

  1. Understand the Book of Allah

The Quran has been present for thousands of years preaching the same message, tawhid. Allah is the Most High and the Most Merciful. The 114 chapters (surahs) in the Quran are like a guidebook for the believer. Every surah in the Quran speaks to the believers differently. If you are facing problems with your family, you can relate to Surat Yusuf and how his brothers treated him and how Allah pulled him up. For parents struggling with infertility, Surat Mariam can give them hope and shed light at the end of the tunnel. For anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, or fear you can relate to the story of Muhammad (SAW) and how he dealt with the loss of his parents and other family members.

  1. Dhikr

When you are in constant remembrance of Allah you will feel a closeness to Him. The prophet SAW said, “Whoever constantly prays for forgiveness, Allah will give him a way out of every difficulty and relief from every worry and will grant him provision from where he did not expect.” The beauty of dhikr is that it keeps your tongue in the remembrance of Allah while also easing your worldly worries. An easy way to do this is to incorporate it little by little. Before an exam, after a tough day at work, or before you eat there is always something that can be said to increase your day in barakah.

  1. Re-evaluate your friend group

“Your best friend is the one who: seeing him reminds you of Allah, speaking to him increases your knowledge, and his actions remind you of the hereafter. (Al-Muhasibi)” Our friends play a big factor in what our interests are and what they can become. Our friends have a big influence on us. By friending someone, you find something in yourself that they have. They reflect us, and we reflect them.

  1. Unplug from negativity

This can have an open meaning towards anything that drains you. Whether this is mentally or emotionally, sometimes just clearing our minds can do wonders. A big factor of this in today’s society is social media. Social media can set this fake standard or “too-good to be true” attitude. It can bring forth a perfect life setting and give people unrealistic expectations. The truth of the matter is that this can go digitally or in the real world. We just have to focus on what works for us and makes us able to achieve our overall goal of Jannah bi ithni Allah.

  1. Set Goals

Setting goals is the first step in setting goals from invisible to visible. It typically takes 21 days for us to set habits that will last. This means that in order to better ourselves and better our relationship with Allah SWT, we have to set goals. By not setting goals, our thoughts are just ideas. As humans, we are creatures of habit. Starting small is the best manner in achieving what you want. The prophet SAW mentioned that the most beloved deeds to Allah are “those that are continuous even if they are few. (Bukahri)”

“And whoever puts all his trust in Allah He will be enough for him.” (65:1)

By Nour Shihadeh


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