Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Dear Maryam (as):
In Islam I have heroes, actually a ton!
But I’m writing this letter to you, the chosen one.
Although you will not read it, it will educate someone,
Educate them about your life, and the way it spun.
You were chosen by Allah swt, so you won!
Chosen a virgin, to give birth to your son.
Now Allah didn’t choose just anyone,
He chose you, the righteous and modest creation,
Still a role model in today’s generation.
In today’s world, being modest calls for accusations.
Nonbelievers see it as an inhuman dictation.
This causes some women to lose their dedication.
It almost makes modesty a sincere complication.
Oh Maryam my hero, at least one of them all,
Inspirational, strong, you stood tall.
You accepted your destiny without a brawl.
Your stomach grew noticeably, like a ball.
The people did not believe what Allah had called.
This caused you to flee without a stall.
Women today, though not identical, can relate.
Gossip has become conversation bait .
When it comes to backbiting, there’s no clean slate.
Unfortunately, until something new happens, you have to wait.
Therefore, your time, you must donate.
And your patience, you must dedicate.
So Maryam, there you were, under that tree,
In excruciating pain deeper than the sea.
You laid uncomfortable, in tears with pleas,
So strong, devoted, and faithful you see,
Gave birth to Prophet Isa (as) uneasily,
Who soon after became the key.
Your virgin pregnancy proved the accusations wrong.
Which made the hardship worth it all along.
Personally, your bravery is my theme song.
So I’d like to thank you for being so strong.
Life can sometimes be hard to handle.
It is equivalent to a burning candle.
We live carefree, and come about with an amble.
The wax is burning, yet our lives we vandal.
Living in a world feeling like a zero,
You Maryam, are one of my heroes.

By Yasmeen Sheikah


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