Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

The truth is that we never truly find ourselves. It does not take a moment or a certain event that takes place in our lives for us to find who we are. In order for us to find ourselves within, we must have the ability to accept what has been found. Self-growth is a process that stays in constant motion throughout our lives. We are stuck in a dimension where we believe that in order to be happy, we must surround ourselves with peers that we know are not good for us instead of the peers who are. Why choose the bitter apple instead of the sweetened? Why choose the lifeless flower instead of the blossomed one? These questions should be emphasized when choosing what will benefit one in life and what will not.

Our generation, for many, is full of thoughts based on who they are, who they should be, and what they should do. Confusion and insecurities play roles that contribute to fear. Fear: the reason why we decided to stop our true colors from prospering. A motto for all should be to show who you truly are on the inside. Why hide who you are? The answer to this is the true shame that comes when others may not like who we are or accept us. But what is acceptance? Acceptance is the main concern that flows constantly through one’s mind, because these days, we choose to focus on and care so much about that concept. We crave people’s approvals so much that we are willing to do actions that will come with consequences along the way, such as losing ourselves with time. The way to stop these habits is to reconnect with the world and oneself. Bury the bitter apple that got you down in the first place; escape the erroneous ways. Take one look at yourself in the mirror and ask if it was all worth it.

I, myself, have experienced confusion and insecurity, putting so much effort into fitting in, craving acceptance. I came to the realization that being myself is beautiful; acceptance of myself is what I should crave, and loving myself is what truly matters. Each day that goes by is a day that will count forever, throughout those days are lessons that should guide us towards the ability of self-realization and growth.

By Ayah Isa


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