Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

It hurts.
It hurts to see a friendship die
It hurts to see your mother cry
It hurts to be judged over and over
It hurts to live when stress takes over
It hurts to think you could have been better
It hurts to think during stormy weather
It hurts to act like everything is ok
It hurts to always have a smile on your face
It hurts to feel and embrace your pain
It hurts to admit you’re dealing in vain
It hurts to focus when your mind is lost
It hurts to see what your actions cost
It hurts to deal with life on the daily
It hurts to stare at a wall painted plainly
It hurts to believe everything will be alright
It hurts to have faith when life doesn’t go right.
It hurts to believe when you can’t believe in yourself
It hurts to achieve a steady health.
It hurts and it will continuously
It hurts and He knows that it does.
It hurts and only He can take your pain away.
It hurts, but Allah is there to save the day.
By Yasmeen Sheikah


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