Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

“Never judge a book by its cover.” This saying is a true understatement because the message it conveys is not actually followed when it should be. There is always a time in our lives when our eyes are exposed to a person, and for some reason in that moment we seem to lose control of our tongues.

Each person that Allah has placed on this Dunya is placed with a story that they carry. Only we know our stories, only we hold our truths, and only Allah gave us the ability to tell it in the way it should be told. Here’s the thing though, in this world people love to make assumptions all based on how a person looks, yet they do not know that person’s story. Instead of labeling that person as an outcast just because they look different or even act differently, label them as unique, or even for that matter do not put a label at all.

Imagine a white male about thirty now, he could have gone in and out of foster care as he was growing up, but now he will be the next senator. Imagine an African-American female about 25, dressed head to toe in Louis Vuitton heels and the most formal outfit, the next big business woman, yet behind all of that she is a victim of sexual abuse. Imagine a 12 year old Muslim girl covered head to toe, dressed in the most modest way, getting picked on for her head scarf, yet she could be the upcoming president one day.

We are all guilty of making misjudgments, and whoever says they are not is in denial. I am guilty in this role where I try to carry myself to be this humble, kind, sweet person who truly wishes no harm on anyone nor likes to judge people, yet I have allowed my misjudgments and assumptions to get the best of me at times. Although it is human nature for us to act in such ways, we need to do better with not putting each other down or creating assumptions that just lead to chaos. Remember only you know your true and honest story.

By Ayah Isa


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