Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

At times we can acquire numbness to our faith, we go in and out of highs regarding our spirituality. It’s like a light went out inside you and when you hit a spiritual low, anything you used to do just stops. Prayer is just a routine and can even slip away from us, which is a big difference in comparison to when things go our way, to when we feel good.

I ponder the question: Why is it that when we hit rock-bottom we tend to turn our back on our Creator? Why is it that when we get so consumed in the negative we forget the miracles and blessings Allah (swt) constantly gives us? When our hearts hurt the most, why is it that we can sometimes find ourselves turning away from Allah’s (swt) mercy? It is human nature to fluctuate with our emotions when we get triggered whether negatively or positively, but we should always keep in mind to never turn away from our Creator, even in times of hardship.

Pour your frustration, anxiety, and sadness to Allah (swt), He wants his followers to come back to Him, to bestow his mercy upon us during our struggles, and when things are going well it is important to maintain that relationship. By doing so, He humbles us and keeps us level-headed through the good and bad times.

Indeed Allah (swt) has never left us drowning in this life, we just need to reach for his buoy and hang on no matter how rocky the waves of life can be.

by Lilian Maali


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