Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park


أثارة، أثرا، يأثر


To relate, narrate, recite, choose, propose, transmit, raise, prefer, effect and excite.

The three letters combined of Alif, Thaa’ and Raa’ include the meaning of presenting, mentioning, or make an image of a something.



Trace, tradition, remains, and footprint.

The term Aathaar means everything left by previous people and stays in a condition of real and genuine to be called remains. Allah (SW) said: {So look at the traces of the mercy of God}30:50. In this verse, these remains are still valid to relate the power of God to bring life after death.


Other words that carry a close meaning:

Atlal or remains أطلال: Matters that are barely visible. This term is used by people missing that which is left of homes, towns etc.

Rasm or symbol رسم: Matters that are almost totally gone and disappeared. This term is used for very old historical sites usually.

A’lama or hint علامة: Matter that leads to something helping to make a decision.  This term is partly used in definition to natural references such as in geography and astronomy.

Ayah or sign آية: A sign that is usually prior to something that is to come. This term is used on multiple levels like a proof of something or visual matters.

By Sh. Kifah Mustapha


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