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The Prayer Center of Orland Park

It’s surreal how close Ramadan is. Every year we realize how fast it comes and how quickly it goes by. One of the scholars says, Ramadan has come like a large plot of land or farm for the servants to purify their hearts from corruption; so, give it the right it deserves throughout your actions and everything that you accumulate in this month, and it will go with you to the next world. Whoever plants the seeds but doesn’t water them, you will find them crying when the day of harvest comes. Preparing for Ramadan is essential to making the most out of this holy month. By taking the time to plant the seeds of preparation now, Muslims can ensure that they are ready to fully embrace the spiritual and physical demands of Ramadan.

One way to prepare for Ramadan is to begin by setting personal goals. These goals may include improving one’s prayer routine, reciting more Quran, or increasing acts of charity and kindness. By identifying specific goals, Muslims can set a clear intention and focus their efforts during the month of Ramadan. In addition to setting goals, it is also important to cultivate good habits in the lead up to Ramadan. This may involve improving one’s diet, reducing screen time, or dedicating more time to prayer and worship. By cultivating good habits now, Muslims can establish a strong foundation for success during Ramadan.

Another important aspect of preparing for Ramadan is to seek forgiveness and make amends with others. Ramadan is a time for repentance and forgiveness, and by resolving any conflicts or misunderstandings now, Muslims can enter Ramadan with a clear conscience and an open heart. It is important to remember the importance of community during Ramadan by reaching out to friends and family.

Preparing for Ramadan is an important aspect of the Muslim faith. By setting goals, cultivating good habits, seeking forgiveness, preparing the body, and reaching out to the community, Muslims can plant the seeds for a successful and fulfilling Ramadan. By taking these steps now, Muslims can fully embrace the spiritual and physical demands of Ramadan and experience the transformative power of this holy month. If we choose to not take advantage and neglect the opportunity our beloved prophet told us very clearly, whoever deprives themselves from Ramadan’s rewards and blessings, has truly lost.

May Allah grant us a blessed Ramadan and allow this Ramadan to be a life changing experience for us all.

By Sh. Hassan Natour


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