Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Back at the beginning of this journey in 2004, the permission was granted first by Allah ﷻ to start serving the community through a House built for Him, a Masjed, The Prayer Center of Orland Park.

Allah ﷻ said: {في بيوت أذن الله أن ترفع ويذكر فيها اسمه}, {in houses which Allah has permitted to be raised so that His name shall be remembered}, it is indeed, the dream that came true by a local physician and a businessman of our community to start this journey, and to build this House of Allah to bond us together, bring us closer to Allah and help us serve our beloved community.

From a small house that hosted the beginnings of this great institution, to a great Masjed that became a landmark in the city of Orland Park, to a Quran Academy that welcomes our kids and produces Huffaz of the Quran, to an extended parking that made it easy to exit our campus with an added 170 extra parking spots, to a Wellness Center that will cater to the wellbeing of our community members, youth and adults, to a cemetery that will host our beloved ones after they join their Lord in the first green Islamic cemetery in the State of Illinois, and now to a Youth Center that will cater to the growing numbers of our youth attending our programs, the journey will never stop as long as this community keeps growing and nourishing, and we promise you to provide the best services that we can by the will of Allah ﷻ.

Our main goal at the Prayer Center is to provide a spiritual platform that will strengthen the relationship of our community members with their Lord (ﷻ). The five daily prayers, Friday prayers, Taraweeh of Ramadan and the daily reminders given by our Imams makes our Masjed a place of peace and tranquility for youth and adults.

The educational services are spread between the Quran Academy programs, Masjed sessions and youth study groups. Each day at our campus is filled with diverse programs and attendees from different age groups and departments.

At the Quran Academy, the pre-school program creates an educational setting for our little ones, offering a secure Islamic environment for them to learn the fundamentals.

The weekend school provides needed classes for families whose kids want to keep connected with their religion, language, and culture.

The after school Hifz program is dedicated to producing real Huffaz of the Quran that can be teachers in the future.

Muhsen program is tailored to provide special needs students with a general understanding of Islam through hands-on activities and projects.

The Adult Quran Program focuses on embarking on a gradual yet spiritual journey to explore the individual bond with the Quran, leading to the attainment of various certificates in Tajweed, including Ijaza. Not to mention the active involvement of women in this program, complemented by numerous workshops and classes designed to enrich their lives.

Academic courses and weekly Masjed classes are a great opportunity for serious students to enrich their Islamic knowledge from our Imams and instructors.

The free public educational programs by the Youth Department like FNL, TNL, Story Night, Navigate, Night of Light, Camp Ignite and many more are a true investment in preserving our identity as Muslims among our youth, protect them from social illnesses and provide them with needed support to grow as good Muslim citizens serving their community in various fields.

Our new reformed Social and Outreach Departments are set to provide various services that will strengthen our relationship with interfaith partners, schools, and sister Muslim organizations. Convert events, college scholarships, Happy Healthy Homes initiative, and the Health Expo are just a few programs that will always cater needed services to different segments of our community.

Our goal is to continue this vision of becoming the center of Islamic enrichment and guidance for a prosperous and virtuous society. Our mission and goals are honorable and clear; to worship God through serving people in all their spiritual, educational, and social needs by developing and empowering our community on the values of faith, justice, and equality.

We believe in the power of faith to empower each person in his or her relationship and devotion with God, people and the inner self being.

We believe in the institution of the family for the quality of life and citizenship.

We believe in the value of good deeds to bring meaningful purpose to our being and for the well-being of people around us.

We believe in the value of leadership through excellence and humility.

Embark on this honorable Journey with us and let us pray that Allah ﷻ will accept. And as always, we thank Allah ﷻ and we thank our beloved community who came to our annual dinner with pure and generous hearts to support their masjed and keep it going toward the next twenty years of service, especially during these difficult times. May Allah ﷻ bless you and reward you all. Ameen

By Imam Kifah Mustapha


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