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Before the creation of Adam AS, the angels were questioning why Allah ﷻ was going to create mankind, a creation that would cause mischief on this earth. Allah ﷻ directly told them that you do not know what I know. Allah ﷻ has a plan and His plan is without a doubt the best of plans. Very little did the angels know that amongst mankind would be prophets and messengers, the greatest men to ever walk the face of this earth. Allah ﷻ sent these prophets as ambassadors of Islam and we learn through their journeys and experiences in life till this very moment.

One of the greatest lessons we take and learn from them, is their ability to always think well and have good assumptions of Allah ﷻ and Allah’s decree. Let us take Musa AS for an example, living in a time where the children of Israel were being tortured and killed. Musa AS reminded his people the words of Allah ﷻ, to seek help with Allah and Allah alone, and the earth belongs to Allah ﷻ, and He allows whom He wills to inherit it. Allah’s word is undoubtedly the truth and after some time, Allah ﷻ allowed the children of Israel to inherit regions of the land for the patience they had, and He ﷻ destroyed the pharaoh and all that he was building. Musa AS knew that although the struggle is real and times are tough, Allah ﷻ is always looking out for us and knows what’s best.

In moments when you’re at your lowest, Allah will always allow you to rise if you’re on the side of the truth. We look at Nuh AS, a prophet that probably was doing the most bizarre thing to people, building an ark in the middle of the desert with no water in sight. As much as he was made fun of, ridiculed, mocked, he had no doubt that Allah ﷻ was going to take care of him. He did not know the exact details of what and when things were going to happen, but he knew the plan of Allah ﷻ will prevail and he only assumed well of Allah ﷻ no matter how absurd it seemed to be doing what he was doing.

We learn from the experiences of the prophets, may Allah ﷻ be pleased with them, that no matter how difficult life became, they were optimistic knowing that Allah ﷻ will take care of them because they only know well of Allah ﷻ. When one truly has what we call in Arabic “Husn Althan” or good assumptions of Allah ﷻ, it allows them to truly live a happy and serene life without worry because they recognize Allah’s plan is always the best. These thoughts of Allah ﷻ often come to fruition as one leaves this earth because they fear of what is to come. Our beloved prophet ﷺ said do not ever let death come to you except that you think well of Allah ﷻ because Allah ﷻ is what you think of him. If you think well of Allah ﷻ that is what you’ll receive, if you think ill of Allah ﷻ then you will only comprehend Allah in that manner.

RasulAllah ﷺ one time walked in on a young man while he was on his death bed and the prophet ﷺ asked him, what are your feelings? The man responded “I have hope in Allah’s mercy, but I fear my sins” the prophet ﷺ responded to him saying that these feelings are normal, there will never be a time in which a believer has both of those feelings of hope and fear except that Allah ﷻ will give His slave what they hope for and protect them from what they fear. This hadith is a very comforting one in which it allows us to understand the normalcy of our feelings, but regardless always have hope in the One who created you.

To wire your brain to think only well of Allah, you must first implement that with others. Think well of others and avoid assumptions. When you repent to Allah ﷻ don’t lose hope in His mercy because Allah ﷻ wants to forgive and listen to you. When you make duaa, make duaa recognizing that Allah ﷻ will accept your duaa in the most perfect manner.

Every time you think well of Allah ﷻ, He will fulfill His will for you in the best way possible.

May Allah ﷻ make us of those who have only positive thoughts of Him and protect us from the whispers of shaytan and having negative thoughts of Allah ﷻ.

By Sheikh Hassan Natour


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