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The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Life After Divorce

While divorce is hard on every family member, constructive Islamic life has to continue. The divorced spouses will face new emotional and financial hardships. They will also have new responsibilities.

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Dreamy Eyed

They are placed into wheelchairs due to their inevitable aging; each beautiful wrinkle carved by God to showcase how many years they have been privileged to believe. How many years

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Five Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Practicing Islam: In Islam there are five acts of worship which are mandatory on every Muslim. Excused from some of these practices are people of illness,

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Pillars of Belief

The Six Pillars of Belief for Muslims: When it comes to faith and belief, Muslims are very clear in what they believe in. The six pillars of faith in Islam

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Giving charity or Zakat was ordained on Muslims with its details in the second year of Hijra, but the concept of Zakat itself was introduced during Makkah time.  Allah (SW)

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Conditions for Prayer

When performing Salah there are requirements called (shuroot) or conditions which need to be met before starting Salah. If the fulfillment of any one of these conditions is missed then

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