Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Fiqh Definitions

Obligated – Fardd (الفرض) It is that which Sharia commanded assuredly through clear authentic proof with no doubt whatsoever. Verification of practices in this category is related through verses from

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An Eternity of Ease

Imagine bliss, joy, and happiness were the only thing you knew You no longer understand sorrow, no longer feel lonely or blue All your worries, hardships, and obstacles have been

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Homes of Tranquility

Allah (SW) said: {Moreover, it is God [alone] who has enabled you to make for yourselves houses as places of [rest and] residence. And He has enabled you to make

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Warmth of Family Tradition

The warm gluten filled aroma knocks at my door. My unconscious mind still manages to command my body to salivate. I force my heavy eyelids open and jolt my head

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