Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

What is the outcome of your past?

You’re scared right, thinking that the hands on the clock haven’t stopped?

Wondering if you’re wanted and if you belong?

You keep fighting and asking yourself why and why not?

Is it possible for God to forgive you, yet you feel otherwise?

You keep thinking to yourself “my past” but what about your present and future?

Are you going to keep listening to the voices of “they”?

Wasting hours, minutes, and days

What is the outcome of your past?

Is it something that you keep dwelling on, or is your ego too big?

People throw around the word change but we need to start seeing that

It’s not about the situation but rather the outcome, and we need to believe that

Your past doesn’t define you, yet society tells you otherwise

Allah is the All-Forgiving, don’t let that be a surprise

What is better though, a good or bad past?

A sin that inherited your humility is one that will better you and cover for your past

God is abstract and constant

Your situation changes but Allah does not change

Your past does not define you

“You” of yesterday is not the “you” of today

A positive past is one that changes you

Believe you can and you will

Your past is a part of you, embrace it

Let the goodness of the new you showcase

By Nour Shihadeh



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