Orland Park Prayer Center

The Prayer Center of Orland Park

Year: 2017

Remedies to Our Reactions

The human body is made to withstand incredibly harsh things. However, it must be put through regular training to do it. An infant is not going to be able to

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The Generous Community

Spending my vacation in Lebanon for the past month and visiting with many of the prominent Imams and Sheikhs there made me appreciate one major difference between mosques in the

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مَن رَضِيَ عاشْ

إن أكثر ما يجعل القلب مرتاحاً والبال ساكناً والنفس سعيدة؛ أن يرى الإنسان نفسه في غنى عن الناس، وأن يقنع بما ملكه الله، فيغض بصره عن ما أنعم الله به

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A Dream Cloud Dreams

does a dream cloud ever dream does it think about the endless possibilities does it dream itself to infinity does it dream itself into reality does a dream cloud ever

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Do You Know Your Prophet?

This is not a Seerah article about the life of the prophet (SAAW) but rather a glimpse into his characteristics as mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. Many times when

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حضارة القلوب

لا يخفى على أحد أنك إذا أردت أن تقيسَ مقدارَ تقدمِ أمة وحضارتها، فلا بد من النظر في أمرين مهمين: جانبِها المدني، وجانبِها الثقافي… أما مدنيتها فهي جانبها المادي بكل

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Excellence Scholarships Awarded

Eight bright and talented students from our community were awarded the Prayer Center of Orland Park Excellence Scholarship. The scholarship recipients were selected based on their academic achievements, community service,

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